About Us

The partners of ChainPE is composed of experts from various area in the blockchain industry, who are successful entrepreneurs and investors. We are committed to invest and support high-growth blockchain projects around the world, including equity investment, software and hardware, and crypto-currency mining etc.
With its industry status and efficient operations, ChainPE provides portfolio companies various kinds of supports like technology introduction, talent recruitment etc.
ChainPE - chain up the world changing ideas.

Investment Philosophies

  • Early Investment

    Tracking new techs, and invest great projects.

Early Investment

ChainPE keeps eyes on all new blockchain technologies, and invests in projects in its early stage.

  • Well-connected

    A brighter future, with more resources.


The management team of ChainPE has been in the blockchain businesses for over 7 years, and is very well-connected in the industry, which gives them the advantages to invest into great projects in their early stage.

  • Diversified Portfolio

    Diversified Investments, reduced risks.

Diversified Portfolio

The fund invests to various kinds of projects in the blockchain ecosystem, including the infrasture, application, hardware, mining etc to reduce the overall risk and improve returns.

  • Captical Back First Strategy

    Capital back, and profit for long-term investment.

Captical Back First Strategy

LPs of ChainPE get the capital back first when the investments make profit, and only the profit will be left for long-term investments to further minimize the risks.

  • A Profit-sharing Strategy

    Good profit sharing makes better decisions.

A Profit-sharing Strategy

There is no management fees if the fund is not making profit. The carried interest is 30% only when the fund profits.

Our Portfolio

Our Team

Xunchu Fang, also known as Mr. Bug, serial entrepreneur, Co-founder of Yibite.com, one of the earliest crypto-currency news website in China; Co-founder of a e-commercial and hardware reviewing website; Domain name and crowdfunding investor; has been deeply involved in the Bitcoin and blockchain industry since 2013.
Jiaxue Yang (Alex), Blockchain mining expert, Co-founder of btc.xin, an emerging crypto-currency mining platform. Co-founder of yibite.com, one of the earliest crypto-currency news website in China; Leaded in projects about mining farms, mining rigs, exchanges, and game blockchain etc. has been involved in the blockchain mining since 2011.

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Investment Period

New invested projects will be announced quarterly. The first phase of the fund will be locked down for 1 year, and the investment return will be paid cryto-currencyies. To extend the lock-down period, it needs to reach more than 50% consensus from the management team.

Risk Warning

Any of the following could cause loss of capitcal。
1: national policies and regulations adjustment.
2: investment project failure.
3: industry cyclical rise and fall.
4: no project to investment for long time.